Thursday, 18/07/2024 | 12:09 AM
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Annual English competition held by OSC VIETNAM’S Youth Union

The competition joined in by 35 members representing 7 groups from various Youth Unions of OSC Vietnam, was held in celebration of the 81st anniversary of the Vietnam Youth Union.

The competition covered 5 parts including Quiz Show (to test general knowledge in area of tourism, history, geography, occupation and language etc.);  Test Your Memory; Sharing Information; Fun With Music and Presentation.

The Rex Hotel with 461.7 points won the First Prize and the Palace Hotel with 412 points became runner-up. In addition, the Organizing Board also offered 01 Third Prize to the Grand Hotel and other encouraging prizes to the other teams.

The English Competition which was first held in 2007 has now become an annual useful activity through which the company’s youths can learn, exchange experience, and especially improve their English ability. At the closing of the Competition, Mr. Thai Hong Cuong, General Director of OSC Vietnam highly valued the event and praised  the effort and the enthusiasm of all the contestants. He also stressed that this activity should be strongly encouraged by all the Youth Unions of the Company and its affiliates so that new faces can be spotted in the next competitions.

First prize: Rex hotel
Second prize: Palace hotel
Third prize: Grand Hotel
Encouraging prize: OSC Tech, OSC Việt Nam Travel, Office, Thang muoi Hotel
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