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Inauguration ceremony of the National Oil Services Joint Stock Company of Vietnam (OSC Vietnam)

More than one year after the company implemented the government policy on the  conversion of 100% state owned enterprises (SOEs) into joint stock companies under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Company’s Steering Committee on equitization, OSC Vietnam has now successfully completed the process with the First  General Meeting of Shareholders being held on 22 December 2015. 

Today of 12 January 2016, OSC Vietnam is cordially holding the Inauguration Ceremony of the new company known as: THE NATIONAL OIL SERVICES JOINT STCK COMPANY OF VIETNAM

Introduction of the Board of Management and the Board of Directors

The main business areas of OSC Vietnam include:
   - Tourist businesses including the operation of hotels, villas, apartments, restaurants, international inbound and outbound tours.
   - Oil services including the provision of catering services, raw materials, equipment to ships and oil rigs.
   - Real estate business including residential houses, tourist and commercial properties; construction of industrial and civil works; installation of equipment, tools; internal and external decoration; construction materials.
   - Other business lines including commercial trade; event organization, communication, printings; sports and entertainments.

Currently, OSC has 8 subsidiaries, 4 affiliates and 8 joint venture and joint stock companies with nearly 2,000 employees. The main premises of the company include 10 hotels, 1 luxury serviced residence, 36 villas with nearly 1,000 rooms and 1 onshore oil supply base having  a great deal of modern specialized equipment, transports, and storages.   

The transformation of the company does not simply mean the name change but also the change in the management method enhanced by modern technology, financial ability and better business competence and opens a new era for the company’s greater development after 39 years of existence.

By Khanh An

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