Wednesday, 17/07/2024 | 11:29 PM
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Wedding banquets held by hotels of OSC Vietnam Luxury, Warm and Novel

The booking and organizing of an appropriate and meaningful wedding reception has constantly been a headache for many couples. Those concerns will no longer exist after young couples place their wedding banquets at hotels under the National Oil Services Company of Vietnam Ltd.(OSC Vietnam).

In preparation for this year’s wedding season, hotels of OSC Vietnam such as Palace, Grand, and Rex have upgraded their restaurants facilities, devised new wedding ritual scripts and improvethe food quality as well as the reception of guests with a view to creating an impressive and unforgettable wedding reception.
According to Mr. Tran Cong Pho, a brilliant director for wedding reception at Palace hotel, from the beginning of this year the hotel has completely changed the rituals of its wedding receptions. Besides the 2 existing wedding crypts, the hotel has created 7 more scripts suitable for various receptions and parties including Tan Hon (Bridal Reception Ritual), Vu Quy (Bridal Send-off Ritual), Bao Hy (Wedding Announcement) and Traditional and Modern weddings. The new wedding rituals have been designed to ensure weddings are held in a luxury, warm and fascinating way.

This year the hotel has particularly invested in a laser lighting system normally used for water music stages, so as to create an illuminating and magical effect for the wedding ceremony. In addition to the ritual refreshment, the hotel has also paid great attention to the food quality and professional services to suit the demand of every customer.

Ancient French architecture, luxury and romantic setting, modern European style wedding scripts, and a variety of Asian and Western dishes are among the many highlights that Grand Hotel would like to bring to the newlyweds. 


For this coming wedding season, Grand hotel has focused on tailored wedding parties to meet various demands of customers. Phung Thi Hong Thuy, Head of the Hotel’s Business and Marketing Department, says most customers booking wedding parties at the hotel usually express high demand for both style and content such as menu variety, eye catching and luxury decoration. Besides, the wedding celebrations for foreigners will focus particularly on their own customs and traditions.

Apart from traditional dishes, namely chicken-mushroom steamboat and soups, the hotel  has currently enriched its wedding menu by adding a wide range of tasty dishes from the North, the Center and the South of Vietnam as  well as some popular European dishes such as cream soups, bacon wrapped salmon, bacon wrapped beef/shrimp, smoked ribs/beef, sauced shrimp/fish so as to bring the best dining experience to every valued customer.

Rex Hotel with its own advantage of a wonderful panoramic view from the 200 seat restaurant on the hotel’s 8th floor, the newly renovated ground floor restaurant connected with the spacious swimming pool area allowing up to thousands of diners at a time and especially the “Rex known” dishes of sea food spring rolls, grilled prawn on sugar canes, abalone stewed with fish fin, salted fish steamboat prepared by the hotel’s gold medal winning chefs in many local and international food festivals has always been an ideal venue for every wedding banquet.
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