Thursday, 18/07/2024 | 06:10 PM
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Touring Cham Islet at night

The authority of Hoi An City in the central coast province of Quang Nam has launched “A night on Cham Islet” tour to introduce unique features of local culture and natural landscapes. 

Cham is known as one of the most beautiful islets in Viet Nam and one of the world’s biosphere reserves. Currently, tourists normally choose a half day tour to the location to enjoy swimming, visiting coral reefs and tasting dishes at Lang, Ong and Chong beaches. The number of guests staying overnight on Cham Islet accounts for 2.25% of total guests. The night tour is aimed at making more guests stay longer on the islet to experience nature and local lifestyle.

Participants in this tour have a chance to learn about cultural relics, traditional craft villages and life of local fishermen and residents.

Many tourism companies are offering guests a one-day-one-night tour at VND800,000 per person. Travelers will depart for Cham Islet at 8:30 a.m. and then have a visit to a marine reserve, a residential area on Lang Beach, and Hai Tang Pagoda and join in some activities to admire coral reefs and go shopping at Tan Hiep Market.

Tourists can have an insight into daily activities of people on the islet, from weaving fishing nets and hammocks to grinding powder to make cakes. In the night time, they can enjoy traditional music performances, folk games and camping and stay at local residents’ houses or set up tents on the beach.

Early in the morning the next day, tourists can admire the sunrise and play basketball and football on the beach.

A disadvantage of Cham Islet is the lack of electricity. An undersea power line is under construction and is expected to be ready this year.

According to a local tour operator, current facilities on the islet cannot satisfy luxury travelers. The location is ideal for guests who love to explore wild landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities.

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